In the future..

I wish to create three dimensional spaces and objects, using modern technology in combination with the most basic elements like wood, stones and steel. Creating a spark or safe-haven between the digital and physical world based on random interaction.


In the now..

I assist people and organisations with new ideas. Together we can develop beautiful creations, lean concepts, fundamental solutions and better business opportunities. I believe to have a deep understanding of design and development; and also have a track record of leading by example and influencing the end final result.

With my ability to stay openminded and work across disciplines, I am able to connect many different relations. I see logic, where others see chaos. I find it almost impossible to define myself based on a job title. So I pick one that allows me to be many. My name is Douwe and I am a Fusionist.


Playmat.io / The interactive playground / Sept’16 – 2017

Owner – Concept



Playmat is an interactive playground. It is the biggest, brightest and least reflective foldable Multi-Touch mat in the world. Made for games, interactive stories, health and educational use. Playmat can easily connect to any Wi-Fi network. Add new apps with your smartphone or tablet and use them as controllers. With several Playmat Accessories you add a physical dimension to the interactive playground. Playmat is a catalyst for new business.

The Playmat concept is a showcase and proof of competence. I started with the webstore and reversed the whole product development roadmap. This lean approach, allowed me to design and focus only the most relevant matters to illustrate the potential of Playmat.

Cargoguide.com / Freight rate management / 2003 – 2016

Co-owner & COO

Cargoguide International

Cargoguide.com is an online platform for freight-rates and schedule information. Founded by my two brothers back in 2003, I joined the team as co-owner in 2004. At that time, some major forwarding companies barely had access to the Internet. The concept of comparing freight-rates online was new and within a very closed market, Cargoguide had to pave the ground to become a trustworthy partner. Together with my two brothers, we designed and developed a new, easy to use solution for online freight-rate management.

Today over 1.500 companies worldwide are using Cargoguide.com on a daily basis. It’s one of the largest providers of specialized B2B freight rate information in the world. The family owned company is growing and profitable. With full trust in the current team to continue Cargoguide.com as an industry leader in freight-rate management, I stepped down as COO in 2016 and kept a strictly advisory role as shareholder. It allows me to explore new challenges in life. In 2017 Cargoguide has been successfully sold to WiseTech Global.

Bandbreed / Online advertising agency / 2005 – 2012

Founder & CEO


Bandbreed started in 2005 and became one of the leading online advertising agencies in The Netherlands. With a strong focus on creative advertising campaigns it served many A-level brands, NGO’s, publishers and government institutes in the “early days” of online advertising. The company had a strong sense for persuasion-design and developing new online advertising formats and measurement tools to serve its clients. Because of this unique approach, large advertising agencies often had to subcontract Bandbreed to help out. With a team of approximately 15 designers & developers we successfully build a profitable and headstrong company.

Being owner and CEO of Bandbreed, I took a bold decision to partly sell and close down Bandbreed, back in 2012. Instead of working for other A-brands, it allowed me as co-owner of Cargoguide.com to use all its resources and skills to fuel a fast growing high potential company.

Key Skills

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Key Skills

  • An enterprising and creative thinker, with a commercial eye for new business.
  • Having a robust and business-focused approach.
  • Possessing a proven track record in senior management.
  • Can maintain close relationships with team members, external bodies, suppliers, and clients.
  • Evaluating and decision-making.
  • Thorough understanding of product design, development, promotional and advertising activity.
  • Ability to troubleshoot independently.


  • Good strategic appreciation and vision, able to build, design and implement sophisticated plans with a proven track record explicitly supporting business needs.
  • Self-driven and self-reliant, sets aims and targets and leads by example, collaborative approach with good interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage others through change.
  • A highly efficient, results-driven and capable executive with a proven ability to effectively develop, manage and control relationships between the company and its target audience.
  • Strong managerial background with senior level local/international experience and cross-sector exposure.
  • Highly focused with a consistent track record of successfully delivering full lifecycle implementations to tight time scales and within budget.

Educational Background

  • Academy of Arts – Interaction Design / Utrecht / The Netherlands
  • HvA – Management, Economics and Law / Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Technical Proficiency

Environments: Mac OS, Windows

Tools: UI/UX | Microsoft Office / Word / Powerpoint | Keynote | Adobe Creative Suite / Fireworks / Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator | Affinity Designer | Google / Analytics / AdWords | Pipedrive | Mail Chimp | Typeform | Survey Monkey | Basecamp | Harvest | Slack | WordPress | HTML, CSS