The Playmat is an interactive playground. It’s the world’s first flexible touchscreen mat, made for games, interactive stories and educational use.

Concept, Brand/ Design, Product Development, UX/ UI Design, Copywriting, Web Development

Playmat hardware & Accessories, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Apps

Owner – Concept

Current: Prototype stage

Concept Development
Product Design
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Foldable and Sleek

Designed for everyday use

With a soft grip back and edges, the Playmat perfectly unfolds on a table or on the floor.

Unfold and play

Entertainment tailored for your children, family and friends. Learning Apps, games and more.

Ready when you are

With one touch the Playmat opens up new dimensions. With an easy to use interface it’s child’s play to discover and learn.

Tech Specs



Bigger games on bigger screens. The incredible board game innovation. The Playmat Store redefines your living room. Finding new apps and games is almost effortless.


In the first years, children learn to focus their vision, reach out, explore, and learn about the things that are around them. See how children learn, discover and create using Playmat.

Health & Fitness

Bring the gym into your living room. Burn calories. Tone it up. And stay active with the help of health and fitness apps on Playmat.